Republic of the Philippines, Commission on Elections

"Protecting the Sanctity of the Ballot since 1940"

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Election Contests before the Courts involving Elective Municipal and Barangay Officials


PURSUANT to the provisions of Article VIII, Section 5(5) of the Constitution, and in order to achieve an expeditious, inexpensive and just determination of election cases before the courts, the Supreme Court hereby adopts and promulgates the following rules.

1 Coverage
2 Election Contests
3 Summons
4 Answer and Counter-Protest
5 Motions
6 Prohibited Pleadings
7 Filing Fees and Cash Deposits
8 Production and Custody of Ballot Boxes and Election Documents
9 Preliminary Conference
10 Revision of Ballots
11 Technical Examination
12 Photocopying of Ballots
13 Presentation of Evidence
14 Decision
15 Costs, Damages and Attorney's Fees
16 Transitory Provision
17 Final Provisions
PRF P1 Prescribed Revision Form Page 1
PRF P2 Prescribed Revision Form Page 2
PRF P3 Prescribed Revision Form Page 3
Annex A Ballots for Protestant Objected by Protestant
Annex A-1 Ballots for Protestant Objected by Protestee
Annex B Ballots for Other Candidates Claimed by Protestant
Annex B -1 Ballots for Other Candidates Claimed by Protestee
Annex C Stray Ballots Claimed by Protestant
Annex C-1 Stray Ballots Claimed by Protestee
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