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General Information About Voter Registration

Voter registration is a requirement for any qualified Filipino citizen who wishes to vote in any Philippine election. It has been defined by Republic Act No. 8189 as "the act of accomplishing and filing of a sworn application for registration by a qualified voter before the election officer of the city or municipality wherein he resides and including the same in the book of registered voters upon approval by the Election Registration Board."

There are several things to take notice of here:

  1. Accomplishing an application does not automatically mean that an applicant becomes a registered voter. He (or she) needs to file the accomplished Application Form by personally submitting it before the Election Officer (EO), who is the COMELEC's local representative in all cities and municipalities in the country, including districts in highly urbanized cities (HUCs), such the cities in Metro Manila, and the cities of Cebu, Davao and Zamboanga.
  2. Even after submitting the accomplished Application Form before the EO, the applicant is still not yet considered as a registered voter. His (or her) Application has to be approved by the Election Registration Board (ERB), which meets once every quarter only – on the third Monday of April, July, October and January of every calendar year.
  3. After the ERB approval of all qualified applicants, the approved Application Forms are then included in the Book of Registered Voters, together with all the other registered voters in the city, municipality or HUC district, and the concerned registration applicants are then finally considered as registered voters of the concerned locality.

Those who are not yet registered voters and who wish to participate in this coming electoral exercise should make sure that they file their Applications for Registration within the corresponding periods stated above at the local COMELEC office in their respective places of residence.

Existing registered voters should make sure that their registration records have not been deactivated by failing to vote in two consecutive regular elections - e.g. the 2010 Barangay Elections, and the 2010 National and Local Elections. You may use the Precinct Finder facility in this website to verify the status of your registration. Deactivated voters may file an application for the reactivation of their registration records.

Applications for transfer of registration record (for those who have moved to another place of residence), for change of name (for those who have legally changed names, such as single female voters who got married), and for correction of entries (such as for a change of civil status, and other entries in the registration record) may also be applied for within the above-mentioned period.

Old registered voters who have not yet had their biometrics information digitally captured may file for an application for validation, which would enable their photographs, fingerprints and signatures taken using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). These biometrics information are needed for the printing and issuance of the Voter's ID card.

Created: 08.14.2012 CPTB, Updated: 04.09.2014 CPTB
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