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Registration Status Verification

The status of a person’s registration may be electronically verified in two ways:

  1. Using the National List of Registered Voters (NLRV) and National List of Deactivated Voters (NLDV) at the local COMELEC offices via a computerized application, named Voter Search, which is installed in all Voter Registration Machines (VRMs); or

  2. Using the Precinct Finder facility in this Website;

    The Precinct Finder, since the early part of this year, has also been able to provide additional information on the status of Voter ID printing and the location of the polling center, based on data from the 2010 elections.

Status of registration record may be any one of the following:

  1. Active, with biometrics: This means that the concerned registration record is ready for voter ID generation.

  2. Active, without biometrics: This means that the concerned registered voter has to validate his (or her) registration record at his (or her) local COMELEC office by having his (or her) biometrics information captured using the Voter Registration Machine (VRM). After doing so, the record will be ready for voter ID generation.

  3. Active, unrecognized biometrics: This means almost similar to the absence of biometrics. For some reason, the biometrics information in the registration record may have been corrupted, as what may happen to electronic data. In this case, you may have to go to your local COMELEC office to have your biometrics infomation recaptured.

  4. Deactivated: This means that the concerned registered voter has to file for the reactivation of his registration record with his (or her) local COMELEC office where he (or she) is registered.

  5. Not found in the voter database: This means that your name, as typed in, is not included in the voter database. This may be either be that the person is indeed not a registered voter yet, or a typographical error may have been entered into the voter database by your local COMELEC office. If the latter is the case, please coordinate with your local COMELEC office in order to correct this clerical error.

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Created: 08.14.2012 CPTB, Updated: 04.29.2014 CPTB