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Voter ID Card Issuance

Voter's ID Card Sample

Only registrants whose biometrics (i.e. photograph, fingerprints and signature) have been successfully captured digitally using COMELEC's Voter's Registration Machine (VRM),  or the old Data Capture Machine (DCM), during application may be issued a voter's ID card. NO BIOMETRICS, NO ID.

The voters identification card is being issued to the registered voter pursuant to Section 25 of Resolution No. 8189. It shall serve as a document for his identification. In case of loss or destruction, no copy thereof may be issued except to the registered voter himself and only upon the authority of the Commission.

The Voter ID card is a valid ID that is recognized by all government offices and banks for a person’s identification purposes. It is however not a requirement for a person to vote.

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Created: 08.14.2012 CPTB, Updated: 04.29.2014 CPTB