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General Information

Table of Contents


Welcome to our GENERAL INFORMATION page.

The following pages present highlighted information from COMELEC Resolution No. 9853 on the resumption of the system of continuing registration for the May 2016 National and Local Elections, including the following:

  • Registration FAQs, which lists questions which have been frequently asked of us and the answers we provide to the same;
  • Registration Schedule, which indicates the period allowed to file the different applications related to registration, and the specific schedules within this period;
  • Registration Centers, which specifies where applications for registration are to be filed;
  • Registration Requirements, which lists down the qualifications required for an applicant to file his (or her) application;
  • Types of Application, which presents the other types of applications that may be filed, aside from the application for new registration, during the specified period;
  • Registration Procedures, which presents the general procedure involved in filing the application;
  • Biometrics Capture, which explains what it is all about and what is needed for;
  • Voter ID Issuance, which explains who are entitled to the issuance of a voter ID card;
  • Voter ID FAQs, which lists frequently asked questions about the voter ID and the corresponding answers to the same;
  • Rules and Regulations, which details the rules and regulations for the conduct of the 2014 resumption of the system of continuing registration pursuant to COMELEC Resolution No. 9853; and
  • Amendments to the Rules and Regulations, which indicates the corresponding amendments to Resolution No. 9853 as indicated in Resolution No. 9863, including guidelines on deactivation of registration pursuant to RA 10367.

Created: 08.14.2012 CPTB, Updated: 08.25.2015 CPTB